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Arts Education Activism

Typographic signs

These typographic paintings were created to raise awareness of the importance of arts education. They were made to support a research project entitled for the attention of, which acted as an online platform and included interviews from creative thinkers, designers and educators. Read below for an extract from my online platform:

The terms ‘art’ and ‘creativity’ seem to be regularly interchanged; many school children will receive a form of arts education yet, if they choose to pursue that path, they will find themselves within the creative sector, in a creative industry. We have heard Darryl Clifton’s belief that creativity is a “fundamental component… of a survival package that human beings have”. If this is true, then is creativity innate within all of us? Perhaps the role of an arts education isn’t to make you creative, instead it is to nurture our inherent creativity and attempt to develop a new way of working and thinking. 

The chronic undervaluing, the “ignorance” as Katie Jones coined it, in direct relation to arts education will therefore have an unprecedented impact on all age groups, not just KS1 and 2 children. How can we expect an innovative, successful and considered society if we are allowing this idea that the arts aren’t worthy of time or money to be perpetuated through our government and media. How a government can ignore its own statements and figures regarding the huge impact the arts has, especially on the UK economy, is almost unbelievable; it should be questioned whether those in power realise the true definition of ‘the arts’ and the ‘creative industries’. 

Hand painted on canvas board, these pieces are designed to spark conversation and inspire change.

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